Jason-3 approaching final operating orbit

The Jason-3 satellite is in good shape since its launch on 17 January. Pointing is nominal and its thrusters have been activated and calibrated. All instruments—DORIS, Poseidon 3B (which has already ‘pinged’ the surface and had its signals successfully processed by the ground segment), AMR and GPSP (JPL), CARMEN-3/AMBRE (CNES) and LPT (JAXA)—have been switched on and are functioning nominally.

Jason-3 se rapproche de son orbite de travail

Le satellite Jason-3 va bien depuis son lancement le 17 janvier dernier. Il est en pointage nominal. Ses tuyères ont été activées et calibrées. Tous les instruments sont allumés et fonctionnent normalement : DORIS, POS 3B (qui a fait des échos traités par le segment sol immédiatement avec succès), AMR et GPSP (JPL), CARMEN3/AMBRE (CNES) et LPT (JAXA).

Chances of restoring contact with Philae fade

Les chances de reprendre contact avec Philae de plus en plus minces

Live : Jason-3 to launch 17 January 2016

The launch of Jason-3 had been postponed following the mishap of the Falcon-9 launcher on 28 June when the programme partners —CNES, NASA, Eumetsat and NOAA— decided to interrupt the launch campaign to leave time for all necessary investigations to return the launcher to flight.

Direct : lancement de Jason-3 le 17 janvier 2016

La campagne de lancement de Jason-3 avait été interrompue suite à l’échec du lanceur Falcon-9 survenu le 28 juin 2015.

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Le lancement d’Insight annulé pour 2016

SPOT 5 makes its final curtain call

After acquiring millions of pictures of Earth, the SPOT 5 satellite was retired from service between 1 and 11 December. Following a series of 6 orbital manoeuvres to lower its perigee (the point on its orbit closest to Earth), the satellite’s fuel tanks were emptied and its batteries disconnected by CNES teams in Toulouse. It is now stationed safely in an elliptical orbit at an altitude between 625 and 809.

Jason-3 to launch 17 January 2016